Cliff Hawton is a recurring character, debuting in the first series. He is portrayed by Tim Bentinck. In the first episode of the first series he is a Labour MP and the Secretary of State for Social Affairs and Citizenship.

Series 1Edit

Cliff Hawton arrives at the Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship and is greeted by Terri Coverley, who informs him of Malcom Tucker's presence in his office. At the centre of a media storm, the most recent development of which is the Mail's headline "Hawton Dangles by a Thread," Hawton is assured by Tucker that his job is secure. He then however suggests that he resign, so as to not make the government look weak. 

Hawton's protestations fall on deaf ears however, when Malcom admits that he has already told the lobby, arranged a farewell at number 10, and drafted his letter of resignation. At first Hawton suggests sacking Tom at the Department of Transport before grudgingly having a look at the letter. Citing "Personal reasons" to give Hawton adequate scope, Malcom then makes his call the mail reporter to suggest that he was "jumping before being pushed" even though they'd be briefing that he was, in fact, pushed. 

Spinners and LosersEdit

When the Prime Minister resigns, Hawton is touted as a replacement by Jamie McDonald. After some discussion with Hawton and some aid from civil servant Robin, Jamie scraps the idea altogether. 

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