Malcolm Tucker

"I'm Doctor–Fucking–Know."
―Malcolm Tucker[src]
"I use leaking to show up corruption, to show up hypocrisy, to show up idiocy and also the fourth horseman of the political apocalypse duplicity."
―Malcolm Tucker[src]
"He thinks of himself as more of a thin, white Mugabe"
―Oliver Reeder[src]

" I will join Miller's team, and I will take you down, I will take you down, to Funky Town, Funky Town Centre here you come, Choo–Fucking–Choo!"
Steve Fleming

Malcolm Tucker is a character in The Thick of It and its film spin-off In the Loop. He is the aggressive, profane and feared Director of Communications for the Government. He serves two main roles: acting as the Prime Minister's enforcer to ensure the cabinet ministers all follow the party line, and managing the government's crisis management PR- usually in the form of spin. He regularly uses smears or threats of violence to achieve his ends. His threats of violence have also come to fruition when in season 3 he punches Glenn in the face; after doing so however he shows remorse and apologises to Glenn through means of a hug in a rare case of empathy. Following attempts to capitalise on a controversial DoSAC policy leading to the death of a mentally-unstable nurse, Douglas Tickel and an inquiry into rampant government leaking, he was prosecuted for illegal acquisition of Tickel's NHS records and perjury during the Goolding inquiry, which resulted in the end of his political career and his final downfall.

Behind the ScenesEdit


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