Ollie Reeder is the current Director of Communications and Policy Adviser to Dan Miller, the Leader of the Opposition. He previously worked as a special adviser to DoSAC Secretary of State Hugh Abbot and later Nicola Murray. He is a member of the Labour Party.



Ollie was born in Lincolnshire. He attended Cambridge University. Prior to the events of Series 1 he was in a relationship with journalist Angela Heaney. From the Specials to Series 3 he is in a relationship with Emma Messinger, who works for the opposing party.


After graduating from Cambridge University, Ollie was headhunted by and joined a think tank based in Millbank, London.. He worked there for three years before being hired as a "fresh faced, ideas man" by the government at the time.

Series 1Edit

Series 2Edit


Series 3Edit

Series 4Edit

In seasons one to three, he was a Special Advisor to the Secretary of State for Social Affairs and Citizenship, and in season four he is a Policy Advisor to the Leader of the Opposition.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Ollie is played by Chris Addison (who plays Toby Wright in In the Loop)

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