The Rise of the Nutters was the first of The Thick of It specials, which followed on from Season Two , it is set after Christmas 2006 and was originally broadcast just after New Year in 2007.

Faced with an impending legacy announcement from the PM as he prepares to depart Westminster, Number 10 prepares to deploy a new undercover investigation into immigration conditions following intense controversy. However, when Reeder inadvertently leaks the plan to his girlfriend, an aide to Hugh Abbot 's opposite number Peter Mannion , they launch it before the party can, crippling the Government's and Tucker's reputation. To top things off, Tucker's attempted early announcement of the legacy project in order to allow Tucker more time to make alliances in the new cabinet lineup leads to the scrapping of the project when he is discovered and the PM's resignation, the exact opposite of what Tucker planned and sends Westminster into meltdown...

The Rise of the Nutters Introduced us to a range of funny characters such as Peter Mannion , Stewart Pearson, Ben Swain, Julius Nicholson and Phil Smith. Jeremy Paxman off BBC's Newsnight also guest stars, we also see Jamie McDonald and and Ollie's girlfriend Emma Messinger return as well as the usual cast, Malcolm Tucker, Ollie Reeder, Terri Coverley , Robyn Murdoch and Glenn Cullen.

==Behind the scenes ==

Chris Langham (Hugh Abbot) at the time of filming was on trial for child pornography, this is why Hugh Abbot, the character he played, was on holiday in Australia.