Dr. Stewart Pearson is a spin doctor who previously worked as Director of Communications for Number 10 and the Opposition under JB. He is a member of the Conservative Party.



Pearson was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire. At some point in his life he obtained a PhD in an unspecified subject. He has been divorced three times, something he blames on him being an "extraordinarily precise man".

Pearson is an avid cook, and also plays the flute in his spare time. A great admirer of Steve Jobs, he took the morning off work when he died. It is suggested he may suffer from claustrophobia.


In Series 4 he mentions he has been working for the Conservative Party since 2002 to try and "detoxify" their image. He is a close personal friend of JB, however towards the end of Series 4 his influence over him begins to decline.

As an eco-friendly, media-savvy, new-school spin man he struggles to communicate in plain English, often speaking in technical jargon and buzzwords. Unlike his counterpart Malcolm Tucker he also dislikes raising his voice, claiming he only does so when he is flying with Ryanair. Instead, he mainly employs passive aggression to achieve his aims.


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