The PM (real name never given) is the unseen Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from Series 1 to the Specials. He is a member of the Labour Party and a parody of Tony Blair.



The PM is married and has one son. He is mentioned to have tried to get a chief examiner sacked after his son failed an exam retake.


Having served as Prime Minister long before the events of Series 1, he is obsessed with leaving a legacy. He is also good personal friends with Julius Nicholson, a former business guru who he appoints as a special adviser.

Series 1Edit

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The Rise of the NuttersEdit

As a result of Malcolm Tucker's sabotage of the the legacy program announcement, he surprisingly resigns (months before the officially planned departure date) whilst getting off a plane in Sunderland. This comes as a shock to everyone, including Malcolm Tucker, Julius Nicholson and Jamie McDonald. During his resignation, he announces that he intends to act as a "caretaker" in office for a further month, and will step down fully when a new party leader (presumably his current Chancellor, Tom Davis) is elected.